Our Story

thread (noun): 
a long strand of fiber that collectively clothes a body
table (noun): 
a place to gather, to embrace conversation or to cultivate new ideas


I'm Brooke and I'm so happy you're here. I'm the owner and founder of Thread & Table and I would love to share with you the real and honest story of how this boutique came to be. 

Growing up with an entrepreneurial spirit and a die-hard love for fashion, I always knew I wanted to work with clothing. I graduated in 2019 with a degree in Apparel Design at St. Catherine University in Minnesota, and also studied abroad in London, Paris, and Florence, focusing on international fashion trends. During this time I also worked many differing retail positions, but I owe all I know to a small boutique owner who took me under her wings.  During my four years with her, she taught me everything about operating a business.  

After graduation I worked for a large franchise for a handful of months. In March, I was let go due to the impact of 2020's events. I can sympathize with many on this topic and I empathize with those whose situations are much worse. 2020 was hard, but I take it as a blessing. 

For months I prayed for my next steps, new job opportunities or fresh ideas of what I could do with my time. I organized my resume to fit a company I wanted to work for, but after months of a "pending" application I decided to let it go. New job opportunities arose and I was set on taking a position after an impressive job offer, but that night I could not sleep. Something stirred within me and the next morning I decided I didn't want to work for anyone anymore. I didn't want my valuable time to be determined by corporate hours and requested time off. I didn't want to lay the bricks of hard work, realizing at the end of the day that it was someone else's dream I was building - not my own. I was ready to start my small business. Finally!

In three weeks I worked day and night to attain my business name, license and accounts and all the other nitty-gritty details that go into starting a business. I'll tell you right now, it's a lot of work but so WORTH it. 

Thread & Table did not happen out of the blue. It was a dream I had envisioned long ago. I just needed a little push of reality to set my feet in motion. I'm honored to say that our opening day, March 27, 2021, is exactly one year since I was laid off. In a year I learned many things about myself, about the world and about the women I wanted to serve. 

We serve women who are brave and courageous. We serve women who have a heart to serve others. We serve women who cultivate peaceful homes and curate everlasting style. Women who shop at Thread & Table are not afraid to exist outside the norm. We strive to encourage those women everyday with how they represent themselves through their livelihood and their wardrobe. Women who shop at Thread & Table have an inner peace that outwardly shines, bringing hope to those who feel lost and light to those who feel left in the dark. We serve strong women. But we also serve women who are still trying to figure it out. There is beauty in every step of her journey and no time is ever wasted between point A and point B.

At Thread & Table, we serve the women who lift others up, who encourage times of stillness and whose style centers around the belief that she is known, confident and worthy.

Thank you for reading my story, for being here today, and for believing in the bones and breadth of Thread & Table. 

xx, Brooke Bakken 






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